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11th December 2010

Grading Successes. Congratulations to our Stowupland karate students who graded on 11th December; Abby Godbold (12 kyu), Ben Godbold (12 kyu), Keeley Watson (11 kyu), Aidan Spencer (9 kyu), Merlin Watson (8 kyu) and Hal Ottley (8 kyu). Well done to all the students.

21 November 2010

EKKA BT Exact Championships (St Joseph's College). Congratulations go to Jason Oliver, Owen Fayers and Kevin James who represented our club at the EKKA Karate Competition at St Joseph's College, Ipswich. All three sparred against some tough opponents, Owen & Kevin both picking up bronze medals in their categories. Jason fought very well but lost to the eventual winner of his group. Kevin also battled against two experienced black belts in his first competition for some time. It's great to see more students attend these events, and the support we all gave each other on the day helped the performances. Thanks guys and well done! There are no more competitions this year but hopefully we can get even more people competing in 2011.

EKKA BT Exact Championships

24 October 2010

EKKA South East England Championships (St Joseph's College). Congratulations to Hal Ottley for winning FIRST PLACE in his first ever Karate competition at St Joseph's College on 24th October. Although he was nervous he listened to instructions and fought well against three tough opponents and we're all very proud of his trophy! Well done Hal!

EKKA South East England Championships

27 September 2010

Grading Successes. Samuel Wash (12th kyu with distinction) and Abigail Johnston (12 kyu with distinction) all successfully graded in Karate. Kathryn Johnston (6th mon with distinction) successfully graded in Naughty Ninjas.

25 September 2010

Grading Successes. Bethany Maundrell (9th kyu), Hal Ottley (9th kyu), Merlin Watson (9th kyu) and Owen Fayers (3rd kyu) all successfully graded in Karate. Edward Oxford (7th mon with distinction) successfully graded in Naughty Ninjas.

19th September 2010

EKKA East Anglian Championships (St Joseph's College). Congratulations go to Owen Fayers who represented our club at the recent competition at St Joseph's College, winning bronze in both sparring and katas. These regular events are a great way to improve your skills and maybe pick up some silverware! So please try and attend if you can. Remember that you need to have competed in at least three competitions before you can grade for your black belt!

EKKA East Anglian Championships

18th September 2010

Stowupland Primary School Demonstration. Thanks to all the kickboxing and karate students who took part in the demonstration at Stowupland Primary School Fete on 18th September. The weather stayed fine and interest was shown by several spectators! Demonstrations are a great way for people to get into the sport and can be very impressive to watch, so any ideas for future demos would be greatly received - what moves would astonish you if you witnessed one for the first time?


28 to 30 August 2009

EKKA Summer Course 2010. The EKKA annual summer course, this year was held at Gainsborough Sports Centre in Ipswich. The course was attended by students from clubs affiliated to the EKKA from all over the country. This year Shogeki EKKA was represented by Jason Oliver 1 kyu and Owen Fayers 4 kyu. Both said they had a great weekend, which consisted of hard work and fun. The activities included Kickboxing, Self Defense, Japanese Kata, Jump Kicks, Sweeps, Throws and Take downs, Black Belt Training, Ju Jitsu, Superteams, Special Ops Training, Urban Scout and Nunchaku Training. As you can see there was a wide range of activities with something for everyone. The Student of the year presentation evening was great fun. It's a good opportunity to all get together and socialise. This year's Student of the year was Owen Fayers, who has not only trained hard throughout the year but has represented the club at the local competitions in both Kata and Fighting and also the technical grading course. Owen's hard work and dedication acts as an inspiration to all of the other members of the club. Well done Owen. It would be nice to see a few more students take part in the course and also support the presentation evening. Well done to Jason and Owen for keeping the Shogeki flag flying.

EKKA Summer Course 2010 EKKA Summer Course 2010

26 June 2010

Grading Successes. Hal Ottley (10th kyu with distinction), Merlin Watson (10th kyu), Aidan Spencer (10th kyu), Bethany Maundrell (10th kyu) and Daniel Cullum (10th kyu) all successfully graded in Karate. Jessica Maundrell (6th mon) and Oliver Schultz (6th mon with distinction) all successfully graded in Naughty Ninjas.

9th May 2010

Inter-Club Tournament (Stowupland). The following results were recorded for our squad at the tournament:

Stowupland Inter-Club Tournament