About Us

Shögeki martial arts has been running since 1985, it is a popular and established part of Halstead's Total Fitness which teaches the EKKA Karate style of karate (a Korean discipline established by Mick Blackwell in 1973). In addition to this Halstead Ottley also teaches kickboxing.

Halstead's club began in 1985 when a lady from Stowupland witnessed Halstead teaching at the Stowmarket karate club and asked the association if Stowupland could have its own club.

The association invited Halstead to become the instructor, who willingly agreed, and so the club was formed. The combination of Halstead's cheerful personality, enthusiasm, patience and no-nonsense approach made him a natural teacher and the perfect instructor and soon classes also begun in Felixstowe. Shögeki martial arts has produced many black belts and an England under 21 'A' team member. The club has also had several medallists at the English Championships.

Halstead himself has been training in karate since 1980, his first instructor being Dr Tony Donovan. He signed up to a beginner's course and took his first belt at the end of it achieving a second class pass. Halstead's instructors were Lenny Austin up to green belt and then Mick Blackwell and Lee Brade helped take him to 1st dan black belt in 1983.

Halstead has always loved competing in tournaments, and came second in his very first one. He has won all of the local and regional tournaments that he has entered, some of them more than once. Halstead has won gold, silver and bronze medals in English and British Championships, was three times EKKA National Champion and became a member of the England Elite Squad.

Halstead's qualifications include the following:

Halstead's aim is to help as many people as who want to achieve their black belt or represent their country in either fighting or katas, but whatever their goal is that they reach their full potential at karate or kickboxing.

The club is affiliated to the EKKA Karate Association which is in turn recognised by English Karate Federation.